Councillors reprimand executives with a slap on wrist

The last Concordia Student Union (CSU) council of representatives meeting on Sept. 30 openly blamed the CSU executives for not properly communicating with students and not properly consulting council.
Councillors acknowledged that there was a petition going around to recall the CSU executive and that at least 500 signatures were already received.
A motion was that was presented, by councillor Raed Al-Haddad, mentioned council’s decision to have an official spokesperson to represent the views of council. Abdel Bedassy was named as the official spokesperson. The motion stated that the executives were ineffective in addressing the concerns of students and that the executives had lost the trust of students. The motion was passed Councillor Sami Nazzal presented a motion that stated that council issue a letter of warning to the CSU executive for lack of communication and consideration to the council and students. Another motion that council passed was meant to deal with students’ complaints with the CSU executive. An information session is to be held and complaints officers were appointed from
the four faculties.
Council also acknowledged that students want corporations to be a part of student life and mandated council to write an invitation to these corporations.
Councillor Tom Keefer presented a motion to have a public meeting on the handbook to deal with the complaints and to come up with a systematic way to produce a handbook.
Throughout the meeting the executive had very little to say in general and said nothing about the recent general assembly.
CSU President Sabrina Stea said later that she wanted councillors to get
involved with the CSU executive.
“We need to communicate more, but if they [councillors] don’t show up what can the executive do?”

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