Going up!

The floor of the second level of the new science complex was poured on Monday. Construction continues in ernest.

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Stephane Dion Gives His Notice

OTTAWA (CUP) - Liberal leader Stéphane Dion announced today he will step down as party leader, but only after the next Liberal leadership convention sometime in 2009. Dion left the door open to running again as a member of Parliament, saying he will refrain from making that decision until after the convention is over.

IITS to build cages around equipment

Thieves are working their way through the downtown campus. Numerous thefts are being reported in both the Hall Building and in the Webster Library. Jean Brisebois, the director of Concordia Security, is concerned about the situation and intends to do something about it.

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Three months ago, the 2003-04 semester began and thousands of CEGEP graduates from different backgrounds and of different ages began their university career. Now, the day before final exams begin, some students may still be trying to make sense of the heavier course load, the amount of reading, the pressure of meeting term-paper deadlines and fitting in.