Montreal’s Megavote: ConU faces among the crowd

The Nov. 4 Montreal megacity elections are just a few days away. Candidates vying for city and borough councillor positions are diligently finishing off their final weekend of campaigning, going door to door and reaching as many eligible voters as they possibly can.
Among those competing for city councillor positions are our very own Concordia University graduates.
“I was always grateful for the education I received at Concordia University,” says Zoe Bayouk, candidate for the Dollard-des-Ormeaux/Roxboro borough, running as a borough councilor for the Montreal Island Citizens Union. “I got a degree at night school. It was a good situation for me because I got to work in the day and then go to school at night.”
Bayouk received a bachelors degree from Concordia where she did her advanced studies in computer assisted learning. “The education I received made me very humble,” says Bayouk. “It also made me realize how little I knew, but it definitely opened new horizons for me.”
Candidates who have studied and graduated from Concordia have come from a wide range of programs.
Marie Cinq-Mars, a member of the M.I.C.U. who is competing to become Outremont’s borough councillor, never imagined that after completing her BA in Arts and Communication, as well as a BA in teaching plastics arts, she would become involved in municipal politics.
“We really didn’t know where we were going when we were there,” Cinq-Mars explains. “We just loved doing everything that they asked us to do. It was so interesting.”
It was only when she moved to Outremont 20 years ago that something as little as starting a petition would launch her thirst for politics. “There was a lousy library here,” says Cinq-Mars. “So I started a petition for us to have a new library and it took 15 years before getting it. But then I got involved in all kinds of other committees.”
After living and raising a family of three in Outremont, the art and English teacher realized that the community needed her attention for detail.
“Being a volunteer for all these years, at one point, if I really wanted things to change, I had to be a democratically elected official,” says Cinq-Mars.
Furthermore, we don’t just see former Concordia graduates on posters plastered all around the island of Montreal running as municipal candidates, we also have a former Concordia men’s basketball coach giving a shot at politics.
Harvey Liverman spent 12 years as the head coach of the men’s basketball team, eventually helping Concordia win the national championship in 1990. Liverman allocated a lot of his time in educating and aiding the players that he coached.
“I would basically be an educator to those guys,” says Liverman, who is running for Mayor Pierre Bourque’s Vision Montreal team as a borough candidate for the C


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