Pushing the envelope may result in acclaim

Ever since its conception in January 2000, “Odeh” has been striving to push the envelope, transcending the boarders between musical genres.
Not your typical alternative band, their style is a raw blend of several musical genres. “We don’t really adhere to any particular sound, but our music can be described, varying from song to song, as a mixture of techno, hip- hop, hard rock, alternative, and punk” says frontman Sam Odeh.
Some songs even have a bluesy feel to them, and on one song an Arabic acoustic guitar is even added to the mix.
This diverse sound easily sets the band apart from others playing, and has earned them a considerable following, in Montreal.
“We have a group of about two hundred people who follow us from show to show, and help spread the word. Without them we definitely would not be enjoying the degree of success to which we have gained recently,” said Odeh.
Originally the lead guitarist for another local band, “Mold”, Sam Odeh, a Concordia psychology student, grew tired of not being able to express himself creatively. After a chance encounter with Issak, the band’s drummer, the decision was made to form their own band, resulting in the birth of “Odeh”. The other two members rounding out this quartet are Naji (back up vocalist and lead guitar), and Danny (a new addition to the group on bass).
The group, which is named after their frontman, initially had trouble securing gigs for bureaucratic reasons. “Most places were only looking for cover bands, and as a general principal, we will only do one cover a show.
Usually their one cover is a tribute to bands such as “Therapy,” “Bad Religion,” well old “Bad Religion” anyway, and others. It’s a way to pay our respects to bands which have inspired us, or that we grew up listening to.”
This method of tribute may well have paid off. ” We were approached by a company from the states who are doing a tribute album to the “Smashing Pumpkins”. They asked us to do a demo, so we took the song “Quiet”, completely flipped it around and submitted it. Whether or not it makes the cut, we’ll find out soon,” said Odeh.
Last year, the band organized and headlined a battle of the bands called “Battlefest”, the result of which led to the winners “Purusha” being signed with Virgin Records. “Battlefest 2” will be held once again this November (no firm date yet available). However, this time it will not be a battle, but rather more of a showcase. Industry reps will once again be present.
Recently the band completed their first CD, “Sight”, much of which is available in Mp3 format on the web at mp3.com/odeh, or can be picked at shows. In between gigs the band devotes itself to playing for worthy causes, such as a benefit performance for RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network). “We’ve also played at Concordia, and try to play for as many charities as possible. If someone is organizing a charity, and is looking for a good band, Odeh will come, and bring its fans with them”.
Indeed, the band seems to be riding a wave of success, with a dramatic increase of both fans and gigs. With many shows yet to come, the sky is the limit.
Upcoming shows for the band include Oct. 13 at “The Basement” on the corner of Ste. Catherine street and Bishops, 28th of October, and the 30th of November at “Club Zone”, and sometime in mid-November at either Club Soda or the Spectrum for Battlefest.

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