Recall petition’s in

The petition to recall the CSU executives was finally handed in last Oct. 18.
However the very act itself highlighted a few problems with the CSU.
Coalition members Chris Schulz and Ralph Lee were hard-pressed to find anyone to hand the petition to at the CSU offices. Although the executives’ working hours begin at 11 a.m., the first executive, Patrice Blais, did not arrive to work until a quarter until noon.
But more importantly, there was no chief electoral officer at the CSU to accept the petition. The former CEO resigned in July and the CSU hasn’t hired another one yet.
“Our government isn’t operating according to the by-laws. This is a typical occurrence at the CSU, that regulations are not followed,” said Schulz, a former CSU councillor and clubs commissioner, and a CSU presidential candidate last Spring.
The petition to recall the CSU executives was started shortly after the CSU general assembly Sept. 26. It took two weeks and some talking in classrooms for the coalition to come up with 3201 signatures, nearly a thousand more than was necessary.
“The petition is a grass-roots reaction from the students,” said Schulz.
Schulz and Ralph Lee, another coalition leader, were presidential candidate competitors last Spring.

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