Report proposes changes for security

The director of security at Concordia University will be releasing a three-year plan on how to improve security on campus.
Security Director Jean Brisebois will release the report after discussing it
with Vice-Rector Services Michael Di Grappa. Since the report still has to be discussed with Di Grappa, not every aspect of it can be disclosed.
“The report was completed over the summer, with the help of Jacques Lachance, the chief of security at the Hautes …Žtudes Commerciales as an outside consultant,” said Brisebois. “It is there to ensure that Concordia will become one of the safest universities, without infringing on people’s liberties. The goal is that no one will notice the changes, but that students, staff and visitors will see their life improve on campus.”
Brisebois has been the director of security since February 2001. Before working at Concordia, he worked as a consultant, was director of a municipal police service, and before that was a federal police officer.
He said that he is doing everything possible to make security at Concordia client-oriented. As part of his plan, new uniforms for senior officers and guards are supposed to replace the police-looking ones they have now with a blazer instead.
The report aims at the whole security system, and considers new technologies that can make everyone feel safer. Some new features have already been employed, like an electronic system to regulate security guards’ rounds on campus.
“We are also looking at various possible technologies,” said Brisebois. “We realized that some people got into buildings and offices where they didn’t belong. We’ve been using access cards for a long time, but we are currently making sure that all our systems are compatible, to make everything simpler. We are currently also looking into fingerprint identifying systems to place around campus.”
Some security guards seem convinced that things are good the way they are. “We haven’t had any trouble and the security here is really tight,” said Suzie RhŽaume, a security guard who has been working at Concordia for the past two months.
RenŽ Beaudoin, now in his second year as a guard at Concordia, has his own way of dealing with potential troublemakers. “If you respect people and treat them as human beings, while making sure everyone follows the rules, then there shouldn’t be any trouble.”
Beaudoin, who works at the downtown library level, used to be a captain at the Hotel-Dieu hospital, where he worked for 12 years. He also thinks the security is tight enough at Concordia.
Brisebois said the library has had some security issues. “We have gathered information on thefts that are committed on the library grounds. We found out that most victims were women between the ages of 22 and 26, who left their pocketbooks at their seat when they went to the bathroom, and were robbed.”
This is being investigated by an investigator who will help prevent possible security problems from happening, by building programs focussed on specific problems he eventually finds with the actual system.

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