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Why not ride the Concordia train?
Take a look around the Montreal sporting scene, and what do you see?
The Alouettes, who are supposed to be the premiere team this city has to offer have lost three games in row… they lost to the Saskatchewan Roughriders last Monday.
The Expos may have played their last pathetic game of “baseball” in Montreal. Without Felipe, what’s the point?
Of course, the Canadiens are looking pretty solid, but we’ll just wait a couple of months before we make any judgments about them. A decade of futility can’t be corrected in three games.
The Stingers, however, are another story.
You can count the entire school’s losses so far on two hands.
The football team is 4-1!
This is a team that barely won two games last year, and they are actually now ranked in the CIS Top-10.
We’ve come to expect nothing but the best from our rugby teams, and they’ve more or less lived up to our expectations. No other school, except McGill on the women’s side is in the same calibre level as the Stingers.
The men’s soccer team is undefeated, and the women’s squad, which is the “worst” team in the school right now is 4-4. .500 is not too bad considering the tough league they play in.
Of course, we haven’t even looked at the hockey or basketball teams, as their seasons are yet to have begun.
But you can be sure that the women’s hockey team is poised to regain its top rank, and avenge last year’s fourth place finish at the nationals.
And the men’s team is fresh off a major recruiting coup. Coach Kevin Figsby is pleased with several pick-ups this year, and he should have a first place contender.
Concordia has become one of the top schools as far as athletics is concerned in all of Canada.
This, on top of the fact that the school is in the midst of major growth, both in actual size, and reputation.
Concordia is it right now, and things are only getting better.
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