ASFA referendum gives them funding

The Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) will have its own funding as of January 2002. A referendum held last week on the 60 cent fee levy was passed.
Yasmin Gardaad, Vice President internal for ASFA said that 601 students voted in the referendum. She stated that 501 students voted in favour of the fee levy and 96 students voted against it.
“We will present the results of the referendum to the Board of Governors on Nov. 4. We will get about $120,000 from the fee levy for the following semester,” said Gardaad.
ASFA did secure $40,000 from the dean of students office for this semester.
Gardaad said that ASFA council had mandated the ASFA executives to seek alternative funding, when negotiations between ASFA and the CSU broke down this summer.
“It was really quite inappropriate to have a high percentage of students hanging in limbo,” said Donald Boisvert, the dean of students. “I was very concerned that these student groups were not getting any funding. We are only funding them for this semester. We were able to free up some funds and I am happy about that.”

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