Bringing students to the ballot box


Decisions, decisions,decisions, who should students choose to represent them in the Concordia Student Union. With elections a week away, students are faced with a choice of five slates. Students can choose between the Umbrella Party, the New Organised Way, the Left Opposition Party, the Representative Union, and S.H.U.L.T.Z.
Another school year is coming to an end while another election for students to decide upon is just beginning.
Each party stands with different objectives in mind, but the ultimate goal is to win the election. Zev Tiefenbach with the Umbrella Party has as a priority of setting up an advocacy office for students, whereas Luis Diaz, candidate of the New Organised Way hopes to replace the agenda and improve the financial situation of the union. Two different parties with two different opinions: One in hopes of improving their own situation and the other in hopes of improving student life.
The focus for all slates should focus of the priority of the students. Although, some slates like the Left Opposition hold that they wish to obtain free education for students according to candidate Tom Keefer. It would seem hard to accomplish this objective.
The Representative Union and S.H.U.L.T.Z have somewhat of a common idea to bring in money for students. Montazami and the S.H.U.L.T.Z. party are seeking the money from corporate sponsorship whereas the Representative Union does not know yet where the money will be coming from.
The final choice students had was with the Democracy in Action party, although at the last minute Jonathan Guido pulled out of the race. Guido decided to leave the elections because of clashing ideologies at Concordia. Although, Guido says that things will change for his party in the future.
All slates hope to gain some ground with students by aspiring to improve the situation at Concordia. Gaining some ground means digging deep into the pockets of most students because with change usually comes more fees for students. However, change is what Concordia students need right now.
It will take a lot for this year’s candidates to get students to vote, it is because most students are already discouraged and outraged by the actions of the former CSU. Getting students to the polls next week will be a harder job then getting their goals accomplished by the beginning of their term. With the Democracy in Action party out of the race, things are starting to heat up.
Five slates, five candidates and one choice. Now you decide.


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