Former Concordians rally behind Rector Lowy

Concordia’s alumni have unwittingly enrolled themselves in Concordia Student Politics 101.
The presidents of three alumni associations co-wrote a letter in late October offering their full support for rector’s Frederick Lowy’s decision to ban two members of the student union from campus in August.
More than sixty thousand letters began arriving in alumni’s mailboxes early this month.
“Regrettably, this past year the Concordia Student Union and its supporters have been involved in a number of contentious issues that have reflected poorly upon the rest of the university community,” the letter stated.
The letter was signed by Peter McAuslan from the Concordia Alumni Association, David Brown from the Association of Alumni of Sir George University and Raymond Huot of the Loyola Alumni Association.
It was written to clear up the air after intense media scrutiny of the
university early in the semester, said Brown.
“Concordia received a lot of negative press. Lots of people out there don’t realize or understand that the CSU is an independent student union,” he explained.
Rector Frederick Lowy said the letter pretty much spoke for itself, adding he does not think the recent controversies surrounding the student union’s activities have hurt Concordia’s reputation.
Interim CSU President Patrice Blais could be reached for comment.

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