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It’s decision time again

by Archives November 14, 2001
As Concordians brace for the arrival of posters and rallies in time for the
upcoming elections, we should consider getting out of the habit of ignoring student election campaigns.
This year, dissatisfaction with the outgoing union executive sparked a huge outcry from current Concordia students and alumni alike. It was argued over and over that the CSU did not represent a majority of students. But we should remind ourselves that that only happened because turnout dipped below 10 per cent.
Concordia students can no longer ignore student politics. This chronic
indifference is what led to the current situation of having to replace an entire executive half way through the school year.
University politics are not freaky sideshows that happen in the periphery while we concentrate on studying. They have a direct impact on the way the university operates on many levels. Student participation in the university senate and the board of governors theoretically help shape important decisions about budgets and curriculum changes.
The Concordia Student Union can be a strong tool for advancing the cause of student rights and protecting academic freedom. Now, students have to decide what it is that the priorities of the union should be.
It is still too early to define the political characteristics of the six
presidential slates that are running. Hopefully, everyone will keep their eyes peeled on the campaign and a full-blown, thoughtful and well-considered discussion will break out as a result.
Students should remind themselves that voting is an activity that borders on being a duty. Apathy or laziness are not excuses for not going to place a simple checkmark on a ballot, especially after the tumultuous fall that Concordia and its student population have just gone through. If no candidates suit your fancy, spoiling your ballot it better than not voting at all.
Giving up your vote is surrendering to political silence. Political silence
leads to an unrepresentative student government. Concordia students cannot afford to have any of these any more. We deserve much better.

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