Question targets dean

Among the referendum questions being asked to Concordia students in the upcoming election will be the issue of democratizing the position of dean of students. Appointed by the rector, the dean of students is responsible for various aspects of student life.
“I think this will give students a better relationship with the dean of students,” said CSU VP Outreach, Benoit Desgreniers, who listed three major advantages of an elected dean.
“Students will be able to question the Dean of Students and bring about more important services and better representation. He or she will now be accountable to the students and not just the rector. Also, the students can evaluate his or her performance.”
The dean of students is responsible for poster policies (defining the criteria of posting notices on University grounds), administering to the needs of international students, setting up funds for student initiative and special projects, and a host of other duties.
Patrice Blais, interim president of the CSU, believes it is important that the dean of students be elected. “You’re working for the interests of the students. The best way to do what they want is to let them choose you.”
As a further benefit, Blais sees an influx of student enterprises and funding. “There’s going to be debates, and people will come in and try to sell to the student body new ideas and projects which will enhance the quality of student services.”
When asked if he thought democratizing the dean of students would empower the students, Blais replied: “definitely.”
Donald Boisvert is the current dean of students with 15 years experience. “I understand the CSU’s position,” said Boisvert, who refused to comment further on the referendum question.

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