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Over the last few years at this university, I have seen my fair share of controversies and bickering between just about everyone.
But there is one thing that has never been in doubt in my mind and in the mind of most of the people I discuss the topic with.
Our hockey program, both women’s and men’s, have produced some of the best excitement on campus.
Both teams play in some of the most competitive leagues in the country with the women’s team ranked in the CIS top 10.
The men’s team may not have a national ranking and despite recent struggles, the team is still one of the most promising in the league.
The team plays in the OUA Far East division, which is one of the most competitive in the country with McGill, Ottawa and the ever powerful UQTR in the mix.
What does that mean for fans at Ed Meagher arena?
Well what it means is that whenever you go to watch the Stingers at the arena, you are pretty much guaranteed an exciting evening of great hockey.
University sport has long been playing second fiddle to professional sports in this country, unlike the United States that hold university athletics in a god like position. Just look at the crowds at the university football games over the weekend.
Not even the Vanier Cup, which is the championship game for university football draws anywhere near that number of people.
I have a hard time understanding why we do not show the same kind of support as the American’s do. Anyone who enjoys sports and has made en effort to go watch any of our teams would come away with an understanding of what I mean.
Last year, as I painfully watched the Montreal Canadiens play out their season after it was clear it would amount to nothing, I got out to the Ed Meagher arena.
The Stingers were finishing their season and were looking to make a strong push into the playoffs.
One thing became very obvious to me as I watched these athletes play. They loved what they were doing and that in turn showed in the way they performed.
Sitting through those games, contrary to watching the Habs, was truly enjoyable and something I would recommend everyone get out and enjoy.
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