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The 2001 fall semester at Concordia was a very exciting time for the all the recreational sports leagues.
With football, indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball and hockey, the intramural program had something for almost everyone.
This week’s Your Sports features a fall season in review.

The Concordia Touch Football League:
This year’s Intramural Touch Football Championship game pitted the top two team’s against each other as the #1 Celebrity Midgets crushed the #2 Black Panthers 22-0 last Sunday at Hingston Field where things got a little muddy.
While no single on-field aspect of the game could be blamed for the lop-sided score, all involved agreed that a torrential downpour that started 10 minutes before game time and lasted until the final minutes was an influential factor.
The Midgets did their best to adapt to the less-than-ideal playing conditions by keeping their drives short and showing a lot of patience.
The Panthers, on the other hand, seemed to rely too much on the arm of quarterback Elvis Craigwell. He is normally considered a mobile player but was kept in check by the slippery field that also restricted his aerial attack.
Possibly the biggest advantage for the Midgets was the presence of former Concordia Stinger quarterback Andy Peterkin who was playing as a receiver, but remained an important weapon.
At half time the referees gained some attention after ruling that the teams would not change sides as they do in virtually every other sport.
This left the Panthers facing their second straight half with the wind and the ever present rain coming straight in their direction.
Despite what the final score might suggest, things remained close up until the third quarter, with the score 9-0.
It was then when the Panthers went on a big run in the other direction as they looked to pull close only to have it reversed following an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against captain Everton Wuerfinth.
From there, the Midgets continued to dominate the rest of the game and pull away leaving the Panthers behind in the mud and rain.
After the win the main thing on many of the players minds aside from the scoreboard was the dreadful playing conditions.
“The weather made things a little shaky,” David Chisholm of the Midgets said. “Both teams still had a lot of fun and it felt really good for us to win.”
Tina Frick of the Panthers offensive line admitted that all outside factors aside, the Midgets were just the better team.
“They were on their game and we weren’t,” Frick said. “All year we played well but we just fell apart and didn’t finish.”

The Concordia Ice Hockey League:
The CIHL is in the middle of a great season.
The top three divisions are extremely competitive, and divisions four and five are fairly strong as well.
Here are the CIHL standings as of Dec. 3, 2001.
1- Panthers 5-1-1
2- Black Ice 4-0-1
3- Gunners 3-2-0
4- Team Bauer 2-2-2
5- Voodoo 1-6-0
6- The Rap 0-3-0

1- Club 7310 4-3-1
2- Stars 3-1-1
3- Controlled Kaos 3-1-1
4- Blues 2-3-1
5- Chiefs 1-1-0
6- Make Up II 0-2-0

1- Pylons 6-0-1
2- ECA Hounds 6-1-0
3- Zeroes 4-2-1
4- Raters 4-2-0
5- Exorcists 3-4-0
6- Hooligans 2-2-0
7- Titans 2-2-0
8- Make Up III 1-1-0
9- Caribou 1-6-0
10- Bullets 0-3-1
11- Snipers III 0-5-1
1- Raiders 4-2-0
2- Ravens 3-1-0
3- ECA Export 3-2-0
4- Chipmunks 3-2-0
5- Zolts 2-2-1
6- Coors Lights 2-4-1
7- Killers 2-2-0
8- Ukie Club 2-3-0
9- Jockstraps 1-4-0

1- IAG 5-0-0
2- Red Army 3-2-0
3- Hurricanes 2-4-0
4- Snipers 1-0-0
5- Lady & Tramps 0-6-0

There are still games to be played until late December.
Look for the Panthers to hold first in division one, and the Stars to be on Club 7310’s tails in division two.
In division three, there is a great four-way race for the top spot, and divisions four and five should be tight as well.

When we come back in January, we will feature the other intramural leagues.


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