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Asbestos on walls to be labelled

by Archives January 16, 2002

Stickers will be placed on walls and ceilings in order to advise workers on Concordia’s campuses that they are working near asbestos.
Most of the asbestos that are ceilings and walls are in the Hall Building at the Sir George Williams campus and the Drummond Science Building and the Sports Complex at the Loyola campus.
“Stickers have been placed in other universities, to warn workers about asbestos,” said Lena Filacchione, an industrial hygienist for the environmental and health and safety department at Concordia.
Filacchione added that the stickers will be put in place beginning in March and areas that are marked with the stickers are areas where asbestos will be removed in the future.
“It is inefficient to remove all of the asbestos all at once, but they will all eventually be replaced. For instance in the labs [in the Hall Building on the 9th, 10th and 11th floors] the asbestos will be removed when they get moved [to Science Complex at the Loyola campus],” said Filacchione.
Risk factors
According to discovery health.com, (http://health.discovery.com/expert/qa/general/asbestos.html) most people do not become sick when exposed to asbestos.
It becomes dangerous when exposed to high concentrations of asbestos over a long period of time. People can have a greater increase of disease by breathing fibres over a long period of time. The web site said that it can take about 10 to 40 years to develop an asbestos related illness.

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