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Concordia’s contemporary dance dept. presents Spirale

by Archives January 30, 2002

Come watch first year contemporary dance students trying out their choreography skills in a piece entitled Spirale. The name Spirale as one student explained, was chosen by a committee to symbolize the coming together of the new students.
What is unique to this performance is that first year students do not as of yet have any formal training in choreography, as courses in this aspect of dance are only offered as of the second year. “It’s a learning experience to try to choreograph,” said an excited first year student Rosemarie Gagne.
Contrary to the idea that most productions have themes, Spirale is made up of 14 individual pieces, which encompasses solos, duets and group pieces.
Some students do only choreography and chose their dancers, while others both choreograph and perform their piece. As one student explained, “each piece is a very personal process.”
Gagne and partner Christiane Bourget will be choreographing a piece consisting of two solos entitled Lueur. Gagne, whose native tongue is French, elaborated on the word lueur. She compared it to fire and lights, the distinction between the two and seeing light through the crack of a door. Translated to English, lueur means a gleam, a flash or a glow.
Gagne was very hesitant to have her piece singled out and wanted to emphasize that this is really a group project and that every student is working very hard.
The twenty or so students taking part in this production could not do so without the help and support of their colleagues, staff and faculty. The space for the production is being lent to them at no charge, as is the lighting equipment. The production, which will last about two hours, will also be free for guests, with a suggested donation of two dollars to cover added costs.

The show will take place the 30 and 31 of this month at 7315 de Terrebonne (Loyola Campus) in the Contemporary Dance and Theatre Department. Show starts at 8 p.m. and space is limited.

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