High art?

Orange County is the story of an aspiring teenage writer (Colin Hanks, Tom’s son) who, due to a mishap with his transcript, is denied admisstion to Stanford University. The rest of the film mainly deals with his various attempts to remedy the situation.
While it is not exactly high art (go see something at Cinema du Parc instead), Orange County is a fairly amusing, albeit lowbrow comedy.
Highlights include the perpetually stoned Jack Black, a hilarious cameo by Harold Ramis (Egon from “Ghostbusters”) and the overall rapid pace of the film.
With a scant running time of 80 minutes, the film does not exactly wear out its welcome. Also, there are several hilarious scenes, mostly involving the aforementioned Black, and Ramis which will no doubt leave several members of the audience in hysterics.
Be not mistaken, in no way is this film worth $12 at the Paramount, but it would make a great $3 matinee at the Centre Eaton.


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