Student Union still without an executive

Last night at the council of representatives meeting, councillors voted against having the Representative Union as CSU executives and asked instead that current interim CSU President Patrice Blais to stay on for another week.
Blais said that he is not sure whether he will be taking up the post at the end of this week, since is badly in need of a vacation.
Councillors also appointed Link reporter Steve Faguy as VP communications. Faguy said he was not consulted about the appointment and he is not sure whether he will be taking up the post.
Fourteen councillors voted against the RU taking power for the remainder of the year, six voted in favour and two councillor abstained.
Council appointed an ad hoc committee made up of five councillors to find employees to fill the positions of the vice-presidents until elections take place in March. Next Wednesday council will meet again and decide on the potential candidates for the positions.


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