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by Archives January 30, 2002

If anyone happened to read my co-editor’s Time Out in last week’s issue and then happened upon Randy Phillips article in The Gazette the following day, you may have a had as much of a chuckle as we both did.
Last week’s Time Out talked about the new additions to our men’s hockey team and gave a little bit of background on each players history and hockey career.
The funny part came when I opened The Gazette the next morning before heading off to work. Looking through the sports section, I came across Randy Philips’ article and out of curiosity, read it. My parents must have thought I was nuts when I started laughing my head off at the kitchen table.
Reading through the article, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Philips’ article and that of my co-editor from Wednesday. He mentioned the same new additions to the hockey team as my co-editor and it was even laid out in the same bulleted fashion.
I was still mulling it over in my head at work when I got a voicemail on my cell phone. It was my co-editor, who could hardly contain his laughter as he told me to read Philips’ article and see if I noticed any familiarities.
What makes it even funnier is that The Concordian, a weekly paper, managed to get a story published before The Gazette, which publishes daily.
This is not to say that Philips stole his idea from our paper. It could just be a coincidence that Philips’ wrote his article about the same topic The Concordian covered the previous day. Whatever the reason, we here at The Concordian’s sports department couldn’t help but chuckle over the incident knowing that we had published a report before Montreal’s only daily English language newspaper.
This week I could talk about the new additions to our men’s basketball team this semester. Then again, I wouldn’t want to scoop the Gazette two weeks in a row.
Ah well, who gives a rats arse.
The new additions are Kurt MacAlpine and James Aubourg, who is not really a “new” addition, just a player who has returned after a semester off.

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