CSU questionnaire to help focus on projects

The CSU wants to plan future projects by having students fill out a questionnaire to help decide to focus on certain projects.
The questionnaire, which began being distributed in mid-January, has two purposes. Ralph Lee, an appointed employee at the CSU, said one of the purposes was to rebuild a relationship between the union and the students and the other was to determine if students knew what their union was doing for them.
Lee said that student response so far has been great. According to Lee, the union has received 1,000 completed questionnaires to date and hopes to receive another 2,000.
Once a significant number of questionnaires have been returned to the CSU, they will begin the task of processing all the information. “Their hope,” said Lee, “is to find out what students want.”
Results will be announced in the CSU newsletter Unabridged and on their website www.csu.tao.ca . A release date has not been been determined.
The questionnaire itself brings attention to many of the services that the CSU provides, such as Le Frigo Vert and the CSU job and housing bank on the Mezzanine. There is also room at the end of the questionnaire for comments, questions or concerns – and it is confidential.
The Concordian asked several students from both campuses what they thought of the questionnaire, but the majority of them were not aware that the CSU had released a questionnaire to begin with.
Despite not having seen the questionnaire, some students supported the idea of increasing students’ awareness of the CSU. Dawn Herauf, 22, a psychology student, said that she would like to be more aware of what is offered.
“I think it’s good that they know what we know about them, but a more constructive survey would ask ‘do you support what we do,'” said Kieran Crilly, 21, a communications studies student. Other students who had seen the questionnaire echoed Crilly’s thoughts.
The questionnaire did not mention any services the CSU provides for students on the Loyola Campus. In response to this, Lee said the CSU would like to increase the amount of services and mentioned the possibility of opening a branch of the People’s Potato at Loyola.


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