First place out of reach

Concordia did not fare well in The Quebec Engineering competition last weekend.
The competition, which is a precursor a national competition, had one Concordia student place second in the debating category. Jeffrey Latchman and his McGill University partner in the competition will move on to the national competition.
Only contestants who placed first and second move on to the national competition later this year.
Michael Chernoff, a mechanical engineering student, entered the entrepreneurial design category. “The category is about creating an industrial process, which is physically building something and developing the software to go with it.”
He had created a motion captured system or in other words, a system for recording human movements. “I literally built my system from garbage, from different piping, aluminum and wood and I glued and screwed it together. In all it cost me $75 to build.”
Chernoff thinks he placed dead last because his marketing plan was not up to par.


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