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More guards on patrol

by Archives February 6, 2002

Beginning this semester there has been an increase in security personnel in the Hall Building at the Sir George Williams Campus, leading some to question what they are doing there.
Security guards have been patrolling almost all the floors of the Hall Building and their presence has increased.
“What’s the justification for increased security? Should we be looking out for something? Why are they there?” said Mario Fascia, 21, an electrical engineering student, when asked about he thought about the increase of security patrols.
According to Director of Security, Jean Brisebois, there has been no regular increase in security. “One client from the university asked for more security for thefts of projectors. There has been an increase in technical security,” Brisebois added. He would not say who the client was.
“Technical security are the actual security guards and we have about 3 or 4 more security guards on daily contracts to secure the floors with classroom equipment, like projectors and computers,” continued Brisebois.
He went on to say this was a temporary measure until technical aides could be installed. “Technical aides include alarm systems, cameras, keys and swipe cards. These are possible solutions, but I cannot tell you which ones we will be implementing,” said Brisebois.
As for the number of thefts, he could only say that there were too many of them and he would give any kind of number.
Brisebois said three suspects were caught in the Library Building stealing purses. He said these suspects are like other suspects, which are being caught at other universities and hotels in the Montreal area, in that they are not part of the university community.
Thefts have not been as prevalent at the Loyola campus as at the downtown campus said Brisebois. “Small criminals are not necessarily in a Loyola campus environment.
“Some Montreal universities and hotels in the downtown [area], along with Concordia have a formed a loose association, where we share information on suspects.”
He added the library at the downtown campus was prone to thefts of purses and he and the YMCA branch of Tandem Montreal will be starting a campaign, next month to educate students on how to protect their items.
The Concordian called the YMCA, but no calls were returned by press time.
“It’s odd, that the security is there, especially in this semester. They were not here last semester,” said Michael Brown, 21, an electrical engineering student.
Emerida Guia, 25, a management information systems student said that she was okay with the increase in security, just as long as they do not bother people.

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