‘New sound’ hits airwaves

After numerous delays, and several failed beginnings, CJLO Concordia’s student run radio station finally seems prepped for launch.
Attempts to get the station running have largely failed in the past. According to Shaun McMahon, a former programming director for CJLO, every time the station was about to start, another problem would arise leading to a delay.
Originally slated to begin webcasting last year, the Internet server, which was supposed to be free, demanded payment. McMahon explained the station simply could not afford to pay the server, due to a lack of funds from the CSU.
Last year the CSU cut funding to all their clubs because they were defrauded of $200,000.
The application period for new staff has recently ended and students now in charge of the station have begun sifting through the submitted applications. Elnasser Amin or Moose, CJLO’s manager, said the station has received 100 to 150 applications.
A second year student at Concordia, double majoring in Human Relations and Community Public Affairs, Amin is no stranger to the college radio industry. He was previously the station manager for Dawson College’s radio station and also helped set up Ryerson University’s station CRAM.
The station has plans to begin webcasting shortly. Eventually, Amin hopes to secure a spot on the AM band for CJLO, so the station may be broadcast throughout the university. In order to secure a spot on the band, CJLO must first be approved by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunication Commission (CRTC). The CRTC regulates Canada’s broadcasting and telecommunication systems.
According to Amin, the station was recently incorporated and that, he said, is a big step towards being recognized by the CRTC.
In regards to programming, Amin said the staff has been in constant contact with the music industry trying to secure the rights to play the best content possible. He also said securing programming rights for music should not be a big problem, as most companies are more than willing to allow their product to be played on university radio.
Amin added there is a college radio industry and that CJLO is definitely one of the top Canadian stations because of its staff that is not only experienced, but also has well over 100 contacts in the music industry.
Despite the fact that some funding is needed for repairs, Amin said final preparations are being made for the imminent launch. Amin vows that once programming begins he would like to steer away from politics.
“We just want to put out a really good product and create a good student life.”


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