Writer Tim McSorley reflects on the need for students to voice their concerns and for governments to pay attention.


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Studying geography with the Sam Roberts Band

On his first day back home in Montreal since their American tour, Sam Roberts is calm and soft-spoken as he sits down on the couch backstage at Musique Plus. The Metropolis show on Thursday, Nov. 2, will mark the opening date of the Sam Roberts Band's Canadian tour, which the group is undertaking to support their current musical effort, Chemical City.

Twinkle Bright

I am more if you took the time to see. I am much as you as you are me. If I falter you rise, if I bleed you heal. A touch of the spark showers fields of hope. Wings of the Phoenix rupture the core of my being shattering the glass ceiling. Resurrecting the still beneath the mantle.
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The Concordian received an e-mail alleging similarities between Kalina Laframboise’s original article for Canadian University Press and a later…

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Sacha Baron Cohen, known to the cool kids and Europeans as "Ali G" takes his antics on the road with Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. For his formal American coming out party, Cohen opted to go undercover as a naive and hilariously bigoted Kazak newsman on assignment in the thick of the American cultural landscape.