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by Archives February 13, 2002

That is the only word that can describe what transpired with Concordia’s men’s hockey team last week. Even more exciting is the prospect of what could happen this week.
The Stingers played three games last week, knowing that a loss in any of the games would spell the end of their playoff hopes. With their backs against the proverbial wall, the Stingers gave all they had in games against McGill, UQTR and Ottawa.
What they pulled off over the past seven days is nothing short of miraculous.
Having struggled all season, the Stingers put in some of their best performances of the year, winning all three games.
Those wins, combined with McGill’s losses, leaves Concordia only three points behind the Redmen for the final playoff spot in the OUA-Far East division.
At the beginning of the season, I said that we should keep an eye on this team because I was hoping for a great season. Although my expectations have proven to be wrong to a certain extent, the product on the ice has gotten consistently better as the season progressed.
The efforts and results from this bunch over the past few weeks has brought the team back from the brink of elimination. Heading into the Friday’s game against UQTR, the Stingers are within reach of that final playoff spot.
They will help themselves by beating UQTR, but they also need some help if they hope to advance to the playoffs. The biggest help they can get is a few McGill losses to end the season, allowing the Stingers to slip into that last playoff spot.
Once they get into the playoffs, it’s a whole new ball game. If they can carry the momentum they have going for them now into the post season, it should be a very interesting time for Kevin Figsby and company.
All the Stingers can do now is play with all their hearts and try and get as
many points as possible and pray for a little help from their friends.
The final push for the post season starts this Friday in UQTR. The Stingers will undoubtedly come out with fire in their bellies as they try to accomplish what some thought impossible just a few weeks ago.

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