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Wander with the caribou

by Archives February 13, 2002

Sheep follow the herd, but caribou do their own thing.
On March 23 people across the country will be celebrating Day of the Wandering Caribou with all their friends. They celebrate because it’s a holiday in honour of friendship, togetherness, and having good times.
Sean Campbell, 23, a history student, and Graham Watt, an engineering student, also 23, at Concordia started the holiday in 1994 as a high school joke, but it wasn’t until 1997 that the real celebrations began.
Each year on March 23 they gather all their friends, their friend’s friends, and their family and they go party at Brasserie Le Manoir, in Pointe Claire.
“Get together with all your close friends, people you don’t even know that well, and just [have] good times, that’s what it’s all about,” said Bob Dawe, a Management Information Systems student.
The holiday itself comes at a time when students are ready for a break.

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