CSU gets new rules to govern elections

At the last CSU council of representatives meeting, council was presented with the new chief electoral officer (CEO) and revised election regulations.
The Feb. 27 meeting did not reach quorum, meaning that nothing that was decided upon that night was binding. Interim CSU President called the meeting an informal discussion.
Stephan Herman is the new CEO, who will oversee the CSU elections at the end of March. Herman was steadfast in expressing his concern for provisions in the revised Election Regulations document dealing with handling of disqualification.
“We have to be prepared for the slim possibility of means for the disqualification of a slate during the polling of this election,” Herman said.
Chris Schulz, whose Representative Union slate was disqualified-and reinstated — in the November by-elections by then CEO Jessica Lajambe, said the need for immediate action by the governing bodies in the event of a disqualification.
“The judicial board should be on call throughout the whole election process,” said Schulz, ” and should produce a decision within 24 hours of being called upon.”
The current wording of this section of the revised election regulations describes that the, “judicial board shall always be available on the Monday prior to the polling period for emergency hearings.”
Council and Herman said that the need for further revision of the existing regulations.

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