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by Archives March 13, 2002

What the hell are we going to do with ourselves now?
All the varsity sports are over. That’s right; no hockey, no basketball, no football, rugby or soccer. Even wrestling is done… we think.
There’s always the Canadiens’ playoff race to keep the sports fans entertained, but how many one-goal games where a defenceman is the only scorer can we watch before we collectively lose our minds?
Our answer? Get outside and smell the dog poop.
Take a jog, get out the old ball and mitt, toss around the pigskin. Hey, we even had our golf clubs a-swingin’ the other day. Now is the time to forget all your troubles (that includes the upcoming finals and summer job-hunt) and just enjoy being alive.
This is the time of the year when athletes and couch potatoes enjoy the outdoors together.
This is the time when your big sister breaks out her inline skates and promises to learn how to stay off her butt this year. This is the time when even the professors stare longingly out the classroom windows desperately hoping the lecture will end early.
So Concordians, get out there and get the games on. Forget about the elite varsity players that we’ve been following for the past seven months.
We watched the football team struggle through a rebuilding year only to lose to McGill in round one, and the men’s soccer team spontaneously combust in the playoffs. We saw the women’s soccer team fight hard despite being outclassed in a strong division.
The men’s rugby team did its job and won provincial gold, while the women were crushed by the McGill Martlets in their own final.
Basketball was not a strong point for the school’s men or women with Laval leading the leagues and the Stingers left behind.
Hockey was where Concordia women excelled, beating the Martlets for the Quebec championship before a fifth-place performance at the nationals in Regina just two weeks ago. The hockey men? With more than half a team of rookies, we’ll talk next year.
But for now, forget about them and forget about the ice.
Just remember, they’ll be back next year and they’ll be good.

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