Time Out

When Harry Zarins announced he was stepping down as head of Concordia’s Athletics department, Michael DiGrappa was named as interim director. The one question I asked at the time was why?
Well, is seems that DiGrappa has realized that he was taking on more then he could handle and has stepped aside. In his place, Les Lawton has been named the interim head of the Athletics department.
Lawton has been with the department for more then 20 years, coaching a women’s hockey team that has been one of the best in the country under his guidance.
He has proven year after year that he is a winner and that he knows how to handle and thrive under pressure.
During his tenure, Zarins achieved a great deal for the university and the QSSF as a whole. He brought in great people (Kevin Figsby) to coach and re-established the university in the Canadian university athletics map.
All that work cannot be for not and that is why someone like Lawton, who is familiar with the work Zarins has accomplished, should continue his work.
Although this position is only temporary until the university goes forward with its search for a new full-time director, one can’t help but wonder if Lawton’s name is at the top of the university’s wish list.
And why not?
He has been a devoted employee for the university for several decades. He helped establish a women’s hockey program that was the envy of every university in North America for years. For many years, that program was the only athletics program at Concordia that was recognized outside the university.
We have a few programs here at Concordia that are on the verge of being national contenders and we need someone at the helm who has that national experience and has a proven track record of winning.
To find him, we need not look any further then Les Lawton.
If Lawton is interested in the position, the university would be remised if they didn’t, at the very least, seriously consider him.
We will have to wait and see how this situation unfolds. I seriously doubt I will be around to see what the university decides, but I know where my vote would go.


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