Nailing an interview in tight job market

We’re at that point where we are soon to be graduates, we’ll step into a zone where the real world begins. The beginning of a new direction in life. You have to find a career, leave the best times of university behind and reach for that goal you studied for. Stress starts to appear and pressure develops, who said it would be easy?
The important thing not to do is leave things till the last minute, start preparing now.
Before doing anything, fix your resume. Make sure that you have included everything that is important and have kept some stuff for the interview. A resume, no matter how good it is, will not get you a job by itself. However, a good resume will attract the attention of the hiring manager and secure a job interview.
The job research comes next, the best picks are newspaper classifieds, and the human resource government of Canada. They have good job banks and job agencies that will give you a boost of hope. Job fairs can also be a very good, you may meet many different people from different companies.
Once you get an interview, the next thing you may think about is what to wear. Honestly, you will not end up with a job wearing a baggy t-shirt, jeans and running shoes. If you want to ace the job, you seriously have to dress appropriately, things such as a straight-forward business suit will do the job.
Before the interview, make sure you come on time, being on time or early is usually interpreted by the interviewer as evidence of your commitment, dependability, and professionalism. Be positive and try to make others feel comfortable. Show openness by leaning into a greeting with a firm handshake and smile. Don’t make negative comments about current or former employers. Relax. Think of the interview as a conversation, not an interrogation. And remember, the interviewer is just as nervous about making a good impression on you.
Another important element of a successful interview is listening. When the interviewer asks a question, make sure you hear it entirely and if you don’t, politely ask the interviewer to repeat it. There is really no shame in that. When the interviewer talks about the position, be especially attentive because you may be using this information if you get the job. You may think that the only thing the interviewer notices are the answers you give to the questions, but he/she will pick up on your mannerisms and body language. You must be attentive.
There are a number of questions that are typical of most interviews. Questions about prior experience, and what interests you about the position are bound arise. The most important thing to remember is to be positive. The interviewer may ask you about your experience and you may not have any but don’t say ” I ain’t got any, Man!”
Keep your answers as positive as possible. A better response would be, “If I’m hired, I believe that this job will give you me the experience that I will need in the future. While I don’t have any experience in this field yet. I’m a quick learner and I will be eager to get started.”
These are a few tips for those individuals trying to nail an interview in the job market.
For more information, visit these websites or call the Concordia Career Resource Centre:
SGW 848-3556
LOYOLA 848-3555


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