Student commits E-mail faux pas

The CEO of the CSU, in collaboration with the Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) at Concordia University, is investigating a mass e-mail that was sent out to approximately 7,000 students.
CEO Stephan Herman said it was sent out early on March 26 after the campaigning period ended before the CSU elections last week.
The E-mail, which was sent from a Concordia account, gave a list of reasons why students should vote for the Representative Union. The author, RevolutionFrom Within, said: “It is time for a change. Revolution is dead and we all need to study.”
In the e-mail, RevolutionFrom Within said he/she is “not a candidate” or in any way involved in the election but strongly feels that the Representative Union is the only organization that is absolutely aware of the “bad reputation” that Concordia has gained and is willing to do something to change it.
Deputy Electoral Officer (DEO) Youri Cormier, said while there is no way of sanctioning the student responsible for sending out the e-mail, it will be written into the CSU’s recommendations.
VP external-elect Geneva Guerin said there is no new information available regarding the origin or distribution of the E-mail. “We did not pay too much attention to it when it occurred, and it certainly is not weighing heavily on our minds now [and I don’t think it would have if we lost either],” she said.
Guerin was uncertain as to the possibility of legal action against the perpetrators, although she speculated it would probably stem from how he/she was able to access the student mail-out list. “If they hacked into the system and it could be proven, maybe they would get a slap on the wrist,” she said.
The senior manager of IITS at the Loyola Campus, Craig Buchanan, was vague in offering any information about the responsible student and what charges he/she could possibly face. By investigating the e-mail, IITS was able to locate the account from which the E-mail originated. The account will be blocked until the student responds. “This is what we call SPAM,” said Buchanan. “It’s any sort of unsolicited bulk email that is sent out.”
“We haven’t received a response yet [from RevolutionFromWithin],” added Buchanan. “Sometimes the person responds within the hour, or in a few weeks or sometimes never. If we don’t get a response then we will block the account indefinitely.”


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