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Artist: Charles Schillings
Title: It’s about…..
Label: Pschent
Style: Acid Jazz/House

The DJ/producer Charles Schillings graces us with yet another 11-track
acoustic/electronic masterpiece to remind the public that there is still
undiscovered territory’s in today’s musical genres. This is a perfect album to own whether you’re a DJ, music enthusiast or just looking for a break from the mainstream. This CD should definitely be in the rotation for diner parties and is sure to be heard in clubs all around the world. Schillings, who was born Zaire, must have partied hard because this album totally jazzes. The rhythms are tight with fazed guitar riffs and tribal percussion, soothing vocals and sub baselines and you can plainly see what it’s about. 85 per cent.

Favourite tracks:
1:After The Rain (Korina)
2:It’s about time feat Juan Rozoff
3:Don’t Rock It

Artist: Compilation
Title: Departures
Label: Om records
Style: Nu Jazz/Broken Beat

From the label that brought you Mushroom Jazz and numerous other musical delicacies, the Om boys return with a Nu jazz/Broken beat compilation to rock everyone’s boat. Twelve grinding tracks fill this CD, including Jazzanova’s ‘coffee talk,’ which has been on ample mix CD’s including St Germain’s most recent coffee house mix. Departures has solid rhythm structure, keen sampler work and excellent instrumentation. Even though all the tracks are by different
producers there is a sonic consistency among all of the tracks, which makes this CD an excellent listen from beginning to end. I would not recommend this CD if your looking for hard club tunes, this is much more for the summer sunsets, early morning after parties and cruising downtown. 80 per cent.

Favourite Tracks:
1: Jazzanova – Coffee Talk
2: Afro Mystic – The Odyssey
3: Joakim – Sphinx

Artist: Herbert (Doctor Rockit, Radioboy, Wishmountain).
Title: Around the house
Label: K7
Style: House, Herbert style

K7 finally re-released the highly acclaimed album from Herbert originally
conceived in 1998. This CD was the predecessor to Bodily Functions (2001 K7), which has received a great deal of praise not just from the music industry but from all art related fields. Being known to perform with a sampler and a fully furnished kitchen, one can see why there is so much buzz around this man’s musical production skills. Herbert’s conglomeration of soulful piano, deep filter sweeps, abstract effects and beautifully orchestrated drum programming plays well with his habit of sampling household appliances as instruments. The sound scrapes and overall construction is mesmerizing. This is an all around great recording with artistic excellence. 89 per cent.

Favourite Tracks:
1:Close to me
2:Going round
3: In the Kitchen

Artist: Mirwais
Title: Production
Label: Na


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