Food for 24-hour people

Take a brisk stroll west along de Maisonneuve and you’ll come across Moe’s diner, a cozy little eatery that has for years been a staple for many students in the area.

Walking through the front door is like stepping through a porthole in time. Moe’s whisks you back to the 1950s, where young couples share milk shakes while gazing dreamily into each others eyes. The diner has changed very little since it opened over half a century ago. The place has that worn-in look much like an old book that’s frayed around the edges from over-use.

The atmosphere at Moe’s, a former hangout for members of the Montreal Canadiens, is truly a unique one. The many booths that fill the room are small and close together, making it easy to reach over and grab the ketchup bottle from the booth next to yours. Mini vintage jukeboxes, likely older than the diner itself, are found at each booth.

Although you can’t always count on them to be in working order (a jukebox can only take so many beatings from drunken teenagers who can’t seem to figure out where to put their quarter), they add to the overall ambience .

A constant hum of voices hangs in the air as patrons, the majority students casually yammer away. The staff is kind and informal, treating you like a friendly stranger they might encounter on the street.

If cholesterol intake is of little concern to you, the food isn’t so bad either. Moe’s has everything you’d expect to find at a greasy-spoon type diner, including an all-day breakfast and the favourite among many, chicken souvlaki with fries that have been deep-fried a couple of times over. If eating animals isn’t your thing, there are veggie burgers as well as many meatless items on the breakfast menu.

The portions are large, coffee refills are limitless, and the prices (here it comes!) are dirt cheap, the average meal averages around the five dollar mark.

Moe’s is the kind of place you really feel comfortable in. Whether it’s with your pals coming in after class for a quick bite, or by yourself looking to satisfy that daily caffeine fix before a busy day, you always feel welcome at Moe’s.

If you come stumbling in the morning after a few too many and are looking to fill that liquid-saturated belly of yours with some home-cooking, why not stop by Moe’s. It’s open 24 hours a day. With a little luck, you might even be able to get the jukebox to work – if you can figure out where to put your quarter.


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