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Looking for Music Director

Dear Editor,
The McGill Savoy Society is seeking a music director for its March 2003 production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Ruddigore”. The show will be fully staged and costumed. The McGill Savoy Society has received numerous acclaims from The Globe and Mail and the Montreal Gazette in past years. All interested applicants should e-mail Blythe at [email protected]

Blythe Edwards

(Not to be included: your website did not show me a place for ads or anything, so I am submitting this in hopes that you have an ads section, so that it might be put there. Please forgive me for the strange format.)

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Blossoming in the moonlit night, I push forward towards the heavens. Reaching heights attributed to prominence, attainable to the pure in heart. A Golden Orange God waits to answer questions not yet devised. Streaks of cosmic lights radiate my skin. My eyes transform into a reciprocal corridor foreshadowing events to come.