People’s Potato peels out new cookbook

The People’s Potato is diversifying. The food collective service best known for providing vegan meals for a small donation at lunchtime everyday is expanding its work into the community at large.

“During the summer we worked on establishing a whole new Community Economic Development wing. One of our goals is to raise more independent revenue. But our more profound goal is to put better products into the community at large,” said Zev Tiefenbach, project co-ordinator for the People’s Potato.

A major part of the funding comes from the student levy, where every student pays 25 cents per credit to subsidize this project. Other sources come from catering and baking operations and various grants for educational programs they provide. New this year is a vegan cookbook, Vegan on a Shoestring, which sells for $10 but “we have a sliding price scale for it, $7 to $20,” added Tiefenbach.

“It [the cookbook] has a lot of information just on nutrition and cooking in general, so people can really feel comfortable about what they are eating…if they’re trying to make a dietary decision or try something new,” explained Darryl Nunn, who worked on the layout and design for the book.

Other projects for the group, which already provided vegan catering services, includes a contract for selling baked goods to various caf

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