The Right Decision

Dear Editor,
Finally, the university has done something about the situation on campus. I’m referring to Rector Lowy’s decision to declare a temporary moratorium on using Concordia facilities for anything connected to the conflict in the Middle East. I disagree with [CSU President] Sabine Friesinger that it is a “moratorium on free speech.” Students can still talk about it amongst themselves, classes can still have discussions about it, people can still write letters to the Editor. Also, both sides are free to organize events, hold rallies, and distribute fliers anywhere off campus.
No one is disputing the fact that freedom of speech and freedom of expression are fundamental rights in a democratic society, but it must be tempered by good judgment in order for that society to function smoothly. Since too many students here have repeatedly shown a deplorable lack of good judgment in the past, it is high time that the Administration stepped in to restore order. It is the Administration’s responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the Concordia community, and regrettably, our school has become a hotbed of conflict around this issue. Monday’s events showed us that things have gotten way out of control, and I applaud the Rector and his cabinet for finally getting up the courage to make this undoubtedly difficult decision. Hopefully it will force all sides to re-examine their conduct over the past few years in a broader context. It’s just a shame that it took a riot to force us to take this step.

Jeremy Pinchuk
Fine Arts


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