Time to vote…

Batten down the hatches, it’s time for another Concordia byelection and referendum.

Polls will be open Oct. 1 to 3 to elect ten students to fill open positions in various sections of student government.

The senate, which governs the university’s academic regulations, is looking to fill five seats. The Board of Governors, who decide general policy and tend to the fiscal policy of the school, is seeking to fill two.

The remaining three positions to be filled within this election are councillors for the CSU. Two seats are available for fine arts councilors and one in computer science and engineering.

Chief Electoral Officer Stephan Herman is not optimistic about a high voter turnout for the elections. The election’s advertising budget has been cut, restricting it to simply postering. Election officials are hoping that an information booth set up yesterday will help to further publicize the event.
More worrisome than voter turnout is that Herman is “disappointed with the lack of nominations.” As of Sept. 13, there were no nominations for any of the positions, forcing Herman to extend the deadline from noon Sept. 16 to 6 p.m. Sept. 17.

Seven referendum questions are being posed as well. There are two questions relating to funds increases for student organizations. The Concordia Student Broadcasting Corporation (CSBC), which broadcasts the student-run radio station CJLO on-line, in the Guadagni Lounge and in residence on 650 AM. The CSBC question would entail separating CJLO from the CSU, creating it into an independent body, as well as a new $0.10 per credit fee levy for all undergraduate students. The Concordian question will seek funding of $0.10 per credit from the Commerce and Administration Student Association and Engineering and Computer Science Association members who currently do not pay for the paper. Students in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations, Fine Arts Student Alliance and independent studies will be asked to approve an increase of $0.03 per credit, from the current levy of $0.07 to $0.10.

Students will also be asked to voice their opinions on program cuts, or at least ask to be made aware by Concordia faculty which programs are suffering. Also, the ‘Save the Mezz’ campaign continues in this vote, as students are to decide whether or not to place the Mezzanine in the trusteeship of the CSU and dean of students.

Keeping in tradition with past Concordia referendums, the remaining three questions deal with politically charged issues. Students are asked to stand with the Concordia University Part Time Faculty Association, Algerian refugees in danger of deportation and a day of student action against the Free Trade Area of the Americas on Oct. 31 being organized by the Quebec branch of the Canadian Federation of Students. It is undisclosed what sort of action students will be taking, except to say it involves groups “from Canada to Argentina” and is to “draw attention to” problems of people in the Western Hemisphere.

Polling stations will be open at all Concordia locations, except for the Guy Metro building where low voter turnout caused a decision to discontinue the polling station there.

Polling clerks and returning officers are now being hired. For more information on this, or general elections information, contact Stephan Herman at the Chief Electoral Office H-640, visit the elections information booth in the Mezz, or call 848-7498.


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