Algerians should be given a chance

Last April the Canadian government lifted a moratorium on the deportation of non-status Algerians. It was implemented in 1997 because of a bloody civil war in Algeria. Now the government has lifted the ban even though there are still human right violations going on in Algeria. The government now intends to deport a number of Algerians to their homeland.

The federal government should not allow people to be deported into a dangerous political situation where according to Amnesty International, human right violations have been institutionalized.

Amnesty International estimates that about 200 people die every month, as a result of the continuing conflict. These people are human beings who deserve to have a refuge from the violence. The Canadian government should not be insensitive to people in need.

Statistics Canada says the population has been declining because the number of deaths is exceeding the number of births. Also, baby boomers are nearing retirement and people need to fill their jobs. The country needs immigration to continue the proper running of society; without them society would not function properly because an aging population affects the labour force, economy, social services and the health care system.

The fabric of Canada is mosaic of immigrants from all over the globe. That is what makes Canada truly unique. Moreover, Canadians have a reputation for helping and accepting people who have suffered from human right violations. This event is taking a stab at Canada’s reputation.

Also, these non-status Algerians are already integrated in Canadian society, since they have been here for about five years. Why deport people who are already fully integrated? The Algerians took the time and energy to be integrated into Canadian society and that will have been a waste of time for them, since they will be deported and will have to start all over again in Algeria. Moreover, taxpayers pay for the integration of immigrants and using money and expertise to incorporate a group, only to expel them later is a waste of resources. Since the Canadian government has already invested into these people, by helping them integrate, they are losing out, along with the Algerians.

The government should not let the Algerians be subjected to human rights violations in their ongoing conflict. Canada must allow them to stay and become productive citizens, where they are needed. Letting these people be deported shows a lack of compassion on the part of the government.


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