CCSL sides with senate

The Concordia Council on Student Life (CCSL) has joined the university senate in passing a motion requesting that Concordia’s Board of Governors (BoG) lift the ban on tabling in the lobby and Mezzanine of the Hall Building.

Those present voted unanimously in favour of asking the BoG to scrap the ban and requested a written statement from the board describing their reasoning behind it by Nov. 1, the date of the next CCSL meeting.

Norman Lanthier, a Concordia public fire and safety officer, was on hand to clarify security issues following the events of Sept. 9.

He said that although the tables can cause “congestion” in the lobby, as long as tables and chairs do not block entrances, they are not a fire hazard.

Although Director of Security Jean Brisebois said he would attend, he was a no-show. Dean of Students Donald Boisvert said that Brisebois’ absence was unjustified, considering he twice gave verbal confirmation he would be there.

Students representatives present argued that since the clampdown on tabling, “a lot of the flavour of the university has been lost,” and the lively atmosphere that reigned in the lobby has virtually disappeared.

Students such as Oksana Maibroda, VP services for the Graduate Student Association (GSA) showed their frustration at not being able to promote their organizations and activities. Due to the ban on tabling, the GSA was unable to hold their used book sale on the Mezzanine.


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