ConU hockey men lose

The Concordia Stingers’ men’s hockey team began their 2002-2003 regular season by recording a 4-2 loss to the hands of the UQTR Patriotes last Friday night in Trois-Rivieres.

The Concordia squad, led by Coach Kevin Figsby, took matters in their own hands in the first period. The Stingers opened up the scoring in this tough game when defenceman Pat Theriault sank in the puck within the first period’s opening minutes.

The Patriotes refused to accept this goal lying down and scored one of their own. The UQTR goal was to be the first of many, sending both teams into the dressing rooms with a 1-1 tie.

The Concordia squad came onto the ice completely unprepared to face what was waiting for them.

The Stingers ran into a brick wall in the second period when the Patriotes’ lead scorer Alexandre Tremblay displayed why he is one of the country’s leading scorer.

Tremblay easily skated by the Stingers’ defence and outplayed Maroon and Gold goaltender Philippe Ozga to sink in three consecutive goals in the second frame, putting his team ahead by 4-3.

Concordia’s squad pulled out the big guns on defence in the game’s final 20 minutes, keeping at bay any UQTR snipers.

Despite their best efforts, the Bee Boys only successfully defeated the Patriotes’ goaltender once with six minutes remaining in the game.

Although attempting to score more goals in an effort to at least tie the game, the Stingers could not get past a tough Patriotes’ defence, ending the game 4-2.

“We played a really good and tough game,” Coach Figsby commented.

“We played hard but they [UQTR Patriotes] have a very strong team.”

The Stingers suffered through most of the game, losing three key players in Philippe Parent, Philippe Paris and Pat Theriault.

Theriault left the game shortly after his goal following a concussion due to receiving a high-stick to the head.

Concordia will attempt to make amends for their loss by playing hosts to the Ottawa Gee-Gees on Friday.


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