men’s rugby

just a note concerning the accuracy, or lack thereof in the
men’s rugby article from this week-headline: Men’s
Rugby wins at Bishop’s.
First of all, in the second paragraph, it says that Shawn
Taylor made an incredible breakaway to score the first try.
An incredible feat considering Shawn Taylor watched the
entire game from the sidelines, replaced by George
Vouloumanos who was back from injury. Vouloumanos
was the only Stinger to score a try that afternoon.
Secondly, in the following paragraph it reads “On a eight
man, Jon Chiniborch took a brutal hit from Bishop’s prop
Andre Sullivan, sustaining injuries to his lower lip and
right eye. Chiniborch was immediately removed from play
and brought to the local hospital for stitches and
treatment for a possible concussion.” This is completely
false, Chiniborch did sustain a nasty knock to his head
later in the game, but stayed in because they didn’t have
anyone to replace him with. Jared Walker, who doesn’t
play eight man, was the one who they took to the hospital
for stitches, etc.
Thirdly, head coach McGravie is misquoted where it
reads “When Chiniborch went out, we lost our
foundation,” it should read when Chatterson went out, we
lost our foundation, because Chiniborch played the
whole game, Chatterson was taken off twenty minutes in
for a calf injury.
Lastly, in the final paragraph, writer Miranda Wray says
that the Stingers’ aim is to practice until perfect for their
next game against McGill in the semi-finals. This also, is
a factual error, as Concordia cannot finish any lower than
second, and McGill have secured first place. In the QSSF
playoffs, first meets fourth and second meets third in the
two semi-finals of the playoffs. Concordia will be
preparing to meet either Bishops or Sherbrooke in the
semi-final and most likely McGill in the final.
These are not nitpicky mistakes, her whole article is
based on erroneous facts, which begs the question, why
read sports in the Concordian, if the information is
Paolo Cincidi
second year Fine Arts Student


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