Rugby Story

To whom it may concern,
This is not a letter i wish to get published, it is more a matter of facts in a story being very wrong. I play for the mens rugby team and having the reporter come to Bishops with us, I find it very hard to understand how she could have gotten so many facts of the game wrong. George Voulomanous scored the first try, not Shawn Taylor. Scott is Gill’s first name, no one calls him Brian. I, Jon Chiniborch, got hurt in a scrum, not an eight man? Eight-man is the name of my position. However I stayed in the game and Jared Walker left with injuries to his left eyes and lower left lip when he was tackled late after kicking the ball downfield. He has to leave the game and go get stitches. I just thought you should know about how many people think its ridiculous how badly written this piece was.
Jon Chiniborch


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