ConU students play b-ball for a good cause

People always say that university students are self-centered and lazy. On Nov. 9, the Concordia Basketball Association (CBA) proved everyone wrong when they held a 3-on-3-basketball tournament fundraiser at the Cote-des-Neiges Sports Centre for the Missing Children’s Network.

The fundraiser, which was organized by CBA members Meghan De Jean, Desmond Gaughan, Morgan My and Rodger Solmerano, was part of a requirement for a sports administration class.

The four students really went all out: having only one month to prepare the tournament, they were able to obtain sponsorships by companies such as Starbucks and the YMCA and added a couple of other activities in the tournament such as two-ball and a half-court shot competition.

Not only was the group overwhelmed by their sponsors, but also impressed by the turnout of the event. “We were very surprised by the turnout,” De Jean exclaimed. “We hadn’t done anything like this before, and did not get as much advertising as we would have liked. On word-of-mouth, we were able to get 14 teams who were very generous, who paid their registration on time and donated money to the charity.”

The CBA was aiming for about 20 teams, but were glad with all the teams that participated nonetheless.

Although the tournament was organized and run by Concordia students, only one or two teams were actually made up of Concordians.

“Having only a couple of weeks to organize it, we didn’t advertise too much within the school,” Gaughan said. “We got a few people from intramural team, and the rest were made up by friends and members of the community.”

The winning team, composed of Sean Browne, Jeff Dosado, Earl Houghton and former Stinger basketball player Gavin Musgrave took home a bunch of goodies donated by Gillian’s, Caf


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