Last minute study tips for slackers

Attention all procrastinators: The first day of exams begins in two weeks. If for some reason you now see black spots, the trick is to sit down and breathe slowly.

This is for every one of you who slept through all your morning classes for the past three months. You might be visualizing at this moment all your (or daddy’s) tuition money being flushed down the toilet. Don’t feel too bad, there might be hope for you yet.

Those of you whom have remained diligent and hard working all semester, be proud because final examination time is your time to shine. The rest who suffer from Can’tgetoffmyass-phobia are probably thinking of the perfect excuse to get out of the inevitable stress that awaits them.

Put deferral out of your head right now! Fabricating a spontaneous exotic illness might seem clever, but will only catch up with you later.

If you are getting mocked, for taking the high road that appeals to you, relinquish your first instinct to begin crash dieting on espresso, jolt cola and powdered sugar for the next few weeks. The secret recipe is organization and lots of sleep.

Procrastinators of the twenty-first century now have access to the resources they need to survive their exams with some helpful tips and the aid of modern technology.

According to counsellor Marc L


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