Snowstorm fails to put damper on anti-war demo

Last weekend’s snowstorm did little to dissuade thousands of Montrealers from marching through downtown last Sunday to protest an impending war on Iraq.

Organizers estimated about 5,000 people turned up despite the frosty weather.

“Only hardcore people turned up,” laughed CSU President Sabine Friesinger as she waited for the crowd to assemble across the street from the Montreal Central Library on the corner of Sherbrooke and Amherst St.

Quebec Communist Party member Antonio Artuso echoed Friesinger’s sentiments as he handed out snow-soaked leaflets to passers-by. “This [snowstorm] ensures that we’ll see only the courageous today.”

The Communist Party was only one of the groups that banded together to organize the march, which according to Artuso will demonstrate Canadian solidarity with the Iraqi people, and dissuade Prime Minister Jean Chr


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