Student feels gypped by ConU admin

Peterson Frederick has been a Concordia student for five years. Until recently, he thought he attended the best school in the world, but due to a lengthy conflict with the administration over a student loan, a tuition deferral and the registration process, his opinion changed.

“Concordia doesn’t look after its students, it really doesn’t,” said Frederick.

The Student Accounts office de-registered Frederick’s fall and winter courses for the 2002-2003 academic year in a tangle of misunderstandings that began last summer. Frederick feels that part of the reason for this is racial prejudice from a member of the student accounts office.

The trouble started when Frederick tried to register for Summer 2002 classes. For an unknown reason, the university never processed a loan from the Quebec Government that should have been in the system, so he could not register because he had an outstanding balance from Winter 2001.

Due to the mix-up, Frederick gave up on summer courses and applied for a tuition deferral so that he could be allowed to register for the fall and winter.

He received a deferral, but a misunderstanding arose because student accounts considered it valid to enable him to register for summer courses, while Frederick used it to register for fall and winter.

Suspiciously, Student Accounts’ copy of the tuition deferral statement indicates that the deferral is toward summer classes only, while Frederick’s copy does not.

Frederick heatedly argued this issue with Annette Bowen, senior accounts clerk, and Diane Gleason, assistant manager of student accounts, over several days. He even taped their phone conversations because he did not like the way they spoke to him.

On the same day that Frederick’s loan was finally processed and he paid his outstanding balance, student accounts de-registered him from the fall and winter courses in which he was enrolled.

Throughout his ordeal, Peterson forwarded all of his E-mail communication on the matter to members of Concordia’s administration whom he thought would be interested or concerned. These included Rector Frederick Lowy, Controller of Accounting Operations Natalie Laporte, Director of Financial Aid & Awards Roger Cot


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