The Embarassing History you are creating

I am outraged and embarrassed that my alma mater is Concordia University. Revered as the centre for open ideas and new ideologies, the banning of the Hillel group on campus, reenforces what so many of my former classmates hated about political correctness, using leftist ideolgies to enforce right wing ideas.
I cannot blame the active anti Israel political students, but I can blame the passive non vocal students who sit and complain about the control over democracy and do nothing about it. Those students who don’t make voting a priority, who rant and rage in the comfort of the coffeeshop but do nothing to make changes within the process. Shame on you, shame on all of you- history is being made. A history that will cause you emabarrassment if you don’t stand up now and make yourself heard by student government, by the University, by the world.


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