I am glad to present you the current PROGRAMME OF ACTIVITIES AND SCHOLARSHIPS offered by the
ATLANTIC OPEN UNIVERSITY initiative, specially in regard to the University Itinerant Programme

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Humour: A Staple in White Hip Hop

A Concordia women's studies faculty member argued that rapper Eminem uses humour to defend his vulgar and violent lyrics when she spoke at a small lecture last Friday afternoon at the Sir George Campus. Robyn Diner said Eminem, "gives humour a bad name," so she "feels justified in critiquing his just 'joking' defense.

Confessions of a Corrupt Vegetarian

For the past ten weeks, I've been absent. Sure, everyone thinks I'm still there, but this is part of my ruse. My deception. My caper, if you will. Get to work everyday, 7 am. Punch in, standardized bleached equipment on. What a process. Sterilization, full body uniform, gloves, mask.

The Aude Couture Series:

Is there anything more frustrating than going on a shopping spree and coming back empty-handed? A lot of factors can influence one's shopping habits, whether it be a terrible case of indecisiveness, a case of "bipolar-ness" or the classic case of "overwhelm-ness".