Six cases heard in Sept. 9 hearings

As of Monday evening, six of the 10 students being tried under the
code of rights and responsibilities had concluded their hearings. The panel
of student adjusdictors has 10 working days to decide what sanctions, if any
will be brought against the students. The students are all being charged in
relation to the violent protests which blocked former Israeli prime minister
Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking at Concordia. Sanctions could include
anything from a written warning to suspension or even expulsion.

According to some, one student already believes he will be expelled, but there was no
confirmation.The hearings resumed Tuesday evening with the case of CSU VP
Yves Engler, who made national headlines when the administration had him
escorted out of the building by police officers for tabling in the Mezannine. Engler is also being charged in reaction to the events of Sept. 9, and maintains that he is innocent on all counts.


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