The Rioters Were Hard To Handle

Diana Thibeault wrote in your 1/29 edition that: “Protesters who wreaked havoc by smashing windows, throwing things and harassing people are partially to blame, but the university is also to blame for not realizing that it could not handle a controversial speaker.”

The University handled the speaker at Hillel’s 9/9/02 event just fine. It was the window-smashing, chair-throwing protesting mob that the University and police could not handle.

The 9/9/02 riots represented for many North Americans the first time that they had ever heard of Concordia.

Don’t let Concordia be known as that place where if the mob attacks you, you are partially to blame for provoking the mob. Don’t let Concordia be known as that place where the mob rules.

Jonathan S. Mark
Alexandria, Virginia, USA


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